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I was blessed to hear him at one of the Atlanta Homecoming Shows.we will miss him very much my hole family new him i went to high school with him at bradley centralhe was a great man.When her spirits are down, he lifts her up with his playing.22 of an apparent heart attack.Our deepest sympathy.My heart has been truly blest by a gift of a friend of one of his Home Coming series, The Best of Anthony Burger.My prayers are with his family and also with the Gaither Gospel Family.I did not know of Anthony, but I was so touched by seeing him on the Bill Gaither Homecoming on TV. Customer Reviews: A Tribute To Bill & Gloria ...

Anthony wanted to see Jesus’s face and I believe he is now playing piano for Jesus.Operating from a central bureau in Nashville, Tenn.I just learned today of Anthony’s passing.It was evident when God took him, He “planned” the song and sitting at a piano, which has given so many many hours of JOY to everyone.Release Date: 2005 Digital Download Album.“God be with you, ’til we meet again.What an inspiring servant of GOD!! His piano playing was always such a joy to watch and listen to.

Anthony Burger - A Tribute To Bill And Gloria Gaither Album

If he had to go that was one way to do it doing something he loved and for our lord.I was stunned.Cleveland Mayor Tom Rowland said Mr.My Mom is a huge fan of Gospel as well as Anthony Burger.Bill & I was on the Gaither Cruise(and in the Concert)when Anthony colasped.So when it came to the end of the program and it was “In loving memory” we were in shock.Nathan maackgordon mote balances family and life on the roadwfrn mark lowry at the joyce accanthony burger entertainment cruise ship aboardvictory in to be the glory medley anthony.

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his music tonight was heart warming and beautiful.what a joy to see Anthony playing piano for home coming programs.I have Anthony’s CDs and play them during the night while sleeping.Under terms of the plea, Hawk will be forbidden from speaking to the victim’s family.I had fractured my leg and was on crutches, Anthony spotted me having a time and he came my aid and help me to my seat.Anthony Burger.Talent supreme and what a touch on the ivory.I have enjoyed watching & listening to Anthony play for years.

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To his wife and children, may the Lord be with you until you meet Anthony in Heaven and know that his music was a wonderful gift to us all.It was recently re-issued as part of Crossroads’ initiative to reissue out-of-print recordings digitally.My what a service.They now call it the musician award.I have Anthony’s CDs and play them during the night while sleeping.Burger’s album “A Tribute to Bill and Gloria Gaither” was nominated for ….Please take a minute to review our Privacy Policy.

The Best Of Anthony Burger - Digital - Gaither

No one made the Piano sing like Anthony Burger.He recorded with The Celestials on their album Ole Fashion Gospel in 1976.God Bless the Burger Family and the Gaither Families for their ministry & blessings to me.Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for Gaither Music Group releases.To his dear family – Prayers and thoughts are with you – you are not alone.Along with you we to sing “We shall behold Him”.I just finished watching a Gaither special featuring a man I had never heard of but was so touched by for his Christian ways, and completely blown away with his God given talent.I had the privellege of meeting Anthony and AJ twice when they were over in Northern Ireland.

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