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How Many Waffle House Locations Are There,,|2020-04-01

I have called the corporate office and spoke with someone there.My food was cold and hard and the waitress over charged me i only got two all star meals and my total was 19 dollars and thats without a drink.The 3 servers argued for about 10 minutes before deciding to take our order.I hope some lawyer will use this idea to help those persons and families harmed in this attack.I turned to hear your cook shout out what the “F” Is up, to all of them, there were several young children in the store, as these punks continue to cuss with your cook throwing the “F” bomb as if its a normal word to use, I’m sure If you were setting with your family that it would upset you that they were speaking like this in front of them.

Please email me!!!!!!!.Went in with my family during 3rd shift all three workers very friendly got our food within 5 minutes it was delicious the service went above and beyond please recognize these folks on 3rd shift for their outstanding service.Instead was told I was useless and didn’t deserve hours because I debated her on the cleanliness of one cooler that was on the previous day spotless.chicagomanualofstyle.A Waffle House in Nashville was the setting for a routine by the stand-up comedian Bill Hicks.

I took a picture of it with my phone, threw down 3 dollars for the drinks and walked out.They need to be retrained again or fired.It happened again yesterday.Hell truck stop staff has more class then the 2 that were working for the waffle house then the one started calling me a drunk and everything they kicked me out I never got to finish my waffles or even bring them home.When I told the waitress I didn’t see any sign anywhere, they showed me this sign that was 20 feet from the door (outside) on the other end of the building.

It was improved but not “spiffy” as a new restaurant should look.Thank you for your time.Each Waffle House location is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.Went to the waffle house in Perry, ga the one by Walmart, how about there was this waitress there she was short , looked like Annie and about 13 years old, she was standing outsideat the he back of the restaurant, when we walked to our car we had to walk past her, there was a strong smell of marijuana.

I would come into work with bruised eyes and jacked up face.Then she said, “well at 730 don’t you think we were probably eating dinner.Please change it to the you used to sell… thank you.I feel like I’m being used for others satisfaction.Im sitting in the Ponchatoula waffle house and Im very discusted at my server’s appearence.I’m single; so I eat out frequently.It was about 3:30 am in the morning.I haven’t met a unit manager since Johnny Ratcliff who is head strong and can’t hold down their own position because they’re to busy trying to be everybody friend you don’t work to make friends when you start doing more for others out the ordinary that creates a problem either treat people the same or find another job.

I was also racially discriminated against, also threatened by physical violence.She come over right away and got my order.We have previous ownership experience with IDQ (Dairy Queen Stores).If you’re applying for a managerial position, you want to list any previous experiences in management, your college education and degree, as well as any other relevant leadership or customer service skills.With my coffee I need 9 creamers and when they see my car pull in it’s right on the counter waiting on me! Yummy! Since I waited tables most of my life, I always tip very good.I say this because I am in South Carolina and eat a Waffle House locations all throughout the state and I have never seen one with a sign prohibiting firearms on premises.

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