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Blood Lyrics

"— Silas House, author of Southernmost"Grit and grace, beauty and pain, on every wise page.Her 11th studio set, Blood (produced by Kenny Greenberg) is as inescapably devastating as it is cathartic, liberating and beautiful.But since The Duel, she lost me.On trying to understand how her father could orphan her and her sister.(Heidi Ross photo courtesy All Eyes Media).I was too angry.I’m not suggesting that she hasn’t written some very personal , honest and substance-filled songs.

Album Premiere: Allison Moorer’s Blood – Garden & Gun

I also know that he made many of his decisions with seemingly no regard for his family.Moorer admitted she still doesn’t know what transpired between her parents before the murder-suicide.But it was clear his bride wasn’t showing up just as a dutiful helpmate.Depression haunts these songs but here death is a release from suffering, a chance to find the light that had evaded him in life.“I’m not going to make sense of Mama and Daddy, their relationship, or our family,” she concludes in the memoir.

allison moorer parentsAlbum Review – Allison Moorer's "Blood" | Saving Country Music

Whereas before I was more studied and calculated, I’ve grown into my voice.So when we got older, I was in the know of what kind of man he was, and we lived with it every day.One finished result is an album that, while not featuring the polished edge of some of her past work that I, admittedly, prefer, captures a southern-Gothic narrative in its rawest form; it’s also ….In this , photo, singer-songwriter Allison Moorer poses in Nashville to promote her memoir, "Blood," and her album of the same name.

Blood : NPR

Her father had shot and killed their mother on the front lawn before turning the weapon on himself.In her portrayal of her father, Moorer demonstrates an incredible capacity for empathy.So perhaps consuming the record along with the written work would make up for a certain thinness in the arrangement that renders some moments a little hard to remain attentive to.Buy Blood: A Memoir.She read a passage Moorer wrote about finally ordering up the dual autopsy reports after 30 years, hoping to find clues from the bullet entry and exit points that might indicate the first death, her mother’s, had been an accident as they perhaps grappled for the rifle while the sisters slept.

allison moorer parentsBlood: A Memoir: Allison Moorer: 9780306922688: ...

I grew up in a house where you had to sing loud to be heard.Listen to your favorite songs from Blood by Allison Moorer Now.“It was important to make this record with Kenny Greenberg,” she says of the rock/roots guitarist/producer, “because he’s been there since the beginning.Maybe they are just there to serve the story.Blood: A Memoir is a detailed account of Moorer and her sister s (Grammy Award winner Shelby Lynne) childhood growing up in a troubled home in Southern Alabama, which ended with the well-documented murder-suicide of her parents in 1986.

All I Wanted (Thanks Anyway) - Allison Moorer - YouTube

Log In.His laugh was contagious.Moorer has all the F-words Lynne does in her vocabulary, including the non-forgiveness ones.“What I’m getting back from the world is heavy,” Moorer said of the initial public response to the book and the album, a song cycle that lays out the arc of this part of her life story from youthful discovery to emotional defeat to salvation.Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.“I’m proud of you, so proud of you.The album flows as a song cycle, with Moorer tackling head on, family, love, trauma, grief and survival.

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